What are the advantages of studying at Arcadia University in Canada

作者:Snowy 發表日期:2020-03-19 20:24:29

Canada is located in the northern part of the American continent and has a very large territory. The living standards of its residents are particularly high. What are the advantages of Canada's Acadia University for studying abroad? The editor of the Study Abroad Network made a basic introduction, hoping to help Hong Kong universities.

一. Long history

It has been more than 180 years since then. It has accumulated a very deep cultural heritage and a strong traditional philosophy. Some things are also applicable to the classroom system of the new era. It has cultivated outstanding alumni from generation to generation. Contributions within our ability have promoted human development and industrial innovation.

The change of old and new, and the courage to break through and challenge, is one of the secrets that this ancient college can last forever. Every year, excellent young teachers are recruited, some of which are directly selected and promoted from the current and previous graduates of the school. Older and more qualified professors will take the new generation forward and learn from each other. Strengths, together to build an advanced scientific research team, and work hard to stimulate the vitality and potential of the younger generation.

二.Complete equipment

The teaching building is very beautiful, study in Hong Kong beautiful and atmospheric. Every floor in the building is clean. It is specially maintained and cleaned. It is equipped with water heaters, toilets, sinks, water dispensers, coffee machines, vending machines, etc.

The library has a huge collection of books, and there are a large number of books in various fields such as science, engineering, agriculture, and art. To query the location of a book, you can quickly view it with the help of an electronic computer query system. Borrowing. Please bring your campus card or registered visitor information before entering the library. Staff members take turns on duty to ensure that newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and so on are intact, and feedback readers' opinions and suggestions at any time. In addition, the electronic reading room can be connected to the Internet, the network speed is super fast, and downloading resources is very convenient.

Living conditions are great, cooking at home, kitchen, bath area, sofa, refrigerator, cleaning tools, etc., with good lighting and ventilation. Around the apartment, there are entrepreneurial bases, including cafes, game rooms, singing bars, bars, baking shops, tea shops, swimming pools, football halls, basketball halls and other recreational and fitness places.

三.Beautiful environment

The air is very fresh, equivalent to a natural oxygen bar, the pollution index is small, the sky blue is pure, and different types of flowers and plants are planted on the campus. top universities in hong kong The forest is lush and connects many mountains and lakes.